Friday, April 14, 2017

Oh Great, Another One

Even though I consider myself to be a Luis Torrens supercollector, trust me when I say that I 100% understand the decision many make to NOT be a supercollector for just one player specifically, and their choice to be a team collector who is content with whatever they get.

The feeling of having to go after, well, EVERYTHING YOU DON'T HAVE is a big burden.

Case in point is this 2014 Leaf Metal Draft Retro Proof card of Luis Torrens.

I had no idea these things existed, and I was quite content with not having to realize that I had another parallel from this God-forsaken set to track down. But saved eBay searches came to either my rescue or my continued demise.

Apparently these Retro Proofs were inserted into some set called "Leaf Retro Rookie" which is one of those high end repacks that offer you chances at autographs of Mike Trout and Bryce Harper but you usually just end up with nothing. I assume these hand-numbered retro-proof base cards were thrown in to pad out the checklist.

As you can see these are numbered to 2 and this is the first one of these. And they came inserted in a magnet holder.

The back is the exact same as the other Leaf Metal Draft Torrens cards and is very uninteresting.

The only notable thing to really say about this card is that the magnetic holder this card came in is obviously made for thicker cards. Obviously I decided to open this up and see if a Leaf Pure Glass autograph would fit.

It did, which means this magnetic holder is a 130-PT holder. Sidenote, I didn't take pics of it but if you take off the metallic Leaf logo sticker, the residue from the tape is designed to be left behind and read "Void."

Here is the retro proof freed from it's plastic prison. Looks (and scans) so much better this way wouldn't you say?

There hasn't been a whole lot more to report about Torrens the big leaguer, other than how he made his first career start on April 10th, 2017. He recorded his first big league walk in that game too, but his first hit continues to elude him. Hopefully he can get that out of the way in the upcoming series in Atlanta. On a side note, I loved how the Padres went as far as to tweet Torrens' first MLB start. You won't see the Yankees doing that, that's for sure.

Anyway, make no mistake that not choosing to be a player collector is a very viable and respectable way to collect cards. If you're going to attempt to be a player collector, be warned that cards can come out seemingly out of nowhere, especially regarding products you wouldn't bat an eye about.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Why the Yankee hate? You mean they won't acknowledge Torrens? Why would they? He's on the Padres.

    Or they won't mention a player making their first start? They tweeted this two days ago.

    Jordan Montgomery and Kyle Higashioka get their first MLB starts today.

    Going for 3 straight wins! #LetsGoYankees

    1. Lol, I won't be satisfied unless they tweet how well a guy in triple-A did.

  2. Nice Torrens by the way. Hope you find 2/2.

  3. I enjoy collecting Gwynn more than the Padres as a whole, but I accepted a long time ago that I'll never classify myself as a super collector. I'm happy with picking up Gwynn cards here and there... knowing I'll never come close to owning more than 50% of his cards.

    1. Good point. I guess I just feel a bit more pressure due to how I have a decent chance to actually reach 50%.

  4. I was a player super collector but I've lost the fun in it. I still have the most impressive Andrew Shaw collection there is...until I decide to go ahead and begin parting ways with it.

    1. Having any type of impressive collection is, well, impressive in my book :).