Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Autumn Is Approaching

Yesterday was my first Staten Island Yankees game in weeks. Work, school and the SIY's schedule kept me away from the games for quite a long time. I made sure to make the most of my recent trip.

Yesterday was the NYPL version of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry as the Yankees took on the Lowell Spinners (the NYPL BOS affiliate).

My first autograph was from Juan De Paula, featured here on one of my favorite pictures from this year's team set.
De Paula came over to the Yankees organization in the Ben Gamel trade and thus far that trade has proved to be good for both parties involved. Gamel has really taken off in Seattle while De Paula was part of a combined no-hitter last month. De Paula has silently been a great pitcher in the NYPL this season.

Next up is the other arm NYY got in the Gamel trade, Jio Orozco. Drafted by the Mariners in the fourteenth round of the 2015 MLB Player Draft, Orozco's 2017 has featured stints in Charleston, Pulaski and Staten Island. Armed with a low-90's fastball, changeup and curveball, Orozco's job for now is to be a starter until NYY decides to move him to the bullpen. It will be fun to see Orozco's development going forward.

Next up is Yankees southpaw Daniel Alvarez.
Alvarez was signed by the New York Yankees as a non-drafted free agent back in 2014. With Austin DeCarr back in Staten Island (more on that later), Alvarez has been inserted back into the starting rotation after an appearance in relief.

Jason Lopez here was the Yankees' starting catcher for yesterday.
Lopez had a hit and a walk for the Yankees while batting in the three hold.

Cody Brown was signed by the New York Yankees as a non-drafted free agent this year out of Mississippi State. Interestingly enough Brown played under former Yankee Andy Cannizaro while at MSU.

The Top Prospects set came out recently and I was fortunate enough to get a Wilkerman Garcia in it. Garcia has emerged as a very steady bat. He's a year or two away from a breakout season, I can feel it (feel free to screenshot this hot take to make fun of me in like five years).

Austin DeCarr (the Yankees' third rounder in 2014), recently came back to Staten Island after a stint in Charleston following Extended Spring Training. DeCarr has been relegated to the bullpen at this point (although it may be a "late in the season" thing to control his innings). With DeCarr in the pen, Alvarez goes back to the rotation. DeCarr is here to reinforce a pen headed for the NYPL playoffs.

Timmy Robinson was drafted by the New York Yankees in the 21st round of the 2016 MLB Player Draft. He drove in the only run scored in this game.

Next is Manny Argomaniz, an undrafted free agent signee by the Yankees. With the Yankees having as many as four catchers at once, it's been tough for Argomaniz to find consistent playing time but he's making the most of what he can do.

Last but not least is Greg Weissert.
Weissert was drafted by the New York Yankees in the 18th round of the 2016 MLB Player Draft. The New York native got some attention during his time at Fordham U for two barehanded plays he made.

And those were my autographs for the day.

With De Paula and Orozco, now I'm really only one more piece away from completing the Ben Gamel trade (Gamel himself).

Because I went naturally Jorge Guzman was pitching again. One interesting thing is that this time Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez (far left) was here as a roving instructor. Very cool to see.

Guzman was his usual dominant self. He went six innings of no-run, three-hit ball while allowing one ball and striking out seven. With those seven K's Guzman has a comfortable lead in the NYPL in K's with 78, nearly 14 more than the guy in second place. Weissert and Kaleb Ort kept the Spinners off of the board and the Yankees came away with the 1-0 victory (BOX SCORE).

BTW, the Top Prospects set is out for those who are curious. Some fun names in there as per usual.

To my blogging/collecting buddies who are Red Sox fans, say hello to your first rounder Tanner Houck and his pitcher face. Sidenote, he refuses to sign so good luck getting his autograph.

There's still a few more weeks of ball left before the playoffs but for now a Staten Island playoff berth is all but assured. I'd have to think so. Hopefully they can win it all again this time.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

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  1. Houck refuses to sign huh? Maybe, that's not actually his pitching face, maybe that's just his grumpy face.

    1. Possibly. I personally don't go after non-Yankees anymore but a friend of mine gave it a shot and Houck pretty much ignored him and a small kid who both wanted his autograph.

  2. Love the nonchalant, barehanded plays by Weissert. Was El Duque signing for the fans too?

    1. Yeah those plays were nice. As for El Duque no, nobody had any cards of his to get signed and the non-carders (people who ask for autographs on balls/tickets/etc...) couldn't recognize who he was so I don't think nobody even asked him.