What I Collect/Want

Here are a couple of teams and players I collect as well as a relatively small want list and even smaller bucket list at the bottom.

If you're interested in a trade, feel free to contact me.

Teams I Collect:

Chunichi Dragons (Japan)

Players I Collect:

Luis Torrens

Thairo Estrada

Shigeru Sugishita

Takuya Kinoshita

Iori Katsura

Hiroki Kuroda

Ryosuke Nomura

Masahiko Morino

Shota Suzuki

Shinnosuke Ogasawara

Alex Rodriguez

Jack Chesbro

Players I Kind of Collect But Don't Focus On Too Much:
*Dellin Betances
*Francisco Cervelli
*Yadier Alvarez
*Walker Buehler
*Jose De Leon
*Bryce Harper
*Matt Antonelli
*Eric Jagielo

*Oswaldo Cabrera

Foreigners/MLBers Who Played For The Chunichi Dragons:

*Dayan Viciedo (CWS)
*Alex Guerrero (LAD)
*Elvis Araujo (PHI)
*Raul Valdez (NYM/STL/NYY/PHI/HOU)
*Jordan Norberto (ARI/OAK)
*Jorge Rondon (STL/COL/BAL/PIT)
*Ken Aspromonte (BOS/WSH/CLE/LAD/MIL/CHC)
*Alex Ochoa (MIL/LAA/ATL)
*Scott Anderson (TEX/MON/KC)
*Jimmy Williams (LAD/CLE)
*Anderson Hernandez (NYM/WSH/CLE/HOU)
*Dan Carlson (SF/TB/ARI)
*Bobby Castillo (LAD/MIN)
*Daniel Cabrera (BAL/WSH/ARI)
*Eddie Gallard (DET/TB/COL/MIA)
*Wayne Garrett (NYM/MON/STL)
*Joel Guzman (LAD/TB/WSH/BAL/CIN)
*Matt Clark (MIL)
*Franklyn Gracesqui (TOR/MIA/BAL)
*Ivan Cruz (NYY/PIT/STL)
*Gary Rajsich (NYM/STL/SF)
*Alexis Gomez (KC/DET/COL/MIA)
*Leo Gomez (BAL/CHC)
*Sang-Hoon Lee (BOS)
*Maximo Nelson (NYY)
*Santiago Ramirez (WSH)
*Dion James (MIL/ATL/CLE/NYY)
*Bobby Jones (TEX/LAA)
*Gene Stephens (BOS/BAL/KC/CHW)
*Charlie Spikes (NYY/CLE/DET/ATL)
*Dionys Cesar (MIL)
*Leyson Septimo (CHW)
*Tyrone Woods (MON/BAL/BOS)
*Wei-Yin Chen (BAL/MIA)
*Victor Diaz (NYM/TEX)
*Benny Distefano (PIT/HOU)
*Ozzie Timmons (CHC/CIN/SEA/TB)
*Willie Davis (LAD/MON/TEX/STL/SD/LAA)
*Tomas De La Rosa (MON/SF)
*Larry Doby (CLE/CHW/DET)
*Domingo Guzman (SD)
*Ricardo Nanita (CWS)
*Don Newcombe (BK/LAD/CIN/CLE)
*Bart Shirley (LAD/NYM)
*Alonzo Powell (MON/SEA)
*Jim Barbieri (LAD)
*Martin Vargas (CLE)
*Marc Valdez (MIA/MON/HOU/ATL)
*Joe Valentine (CIN/OAK/HOU/MIL)
*Melvin Bunch (KC/SEA)
*Rafael Perez (CLE)
*Ralph Bryant (LAD)
*Brad Bergesen (BAL/ARI)
*Tony Blanco (BOS/CIN/WSH/COL)
*Fred Kuahaulua (LAA/SD)
*Scott Bullett (PIN/CHC)
*Rich Monteleone (SEA/LAA/NYY/SF)
*Amaury Rivas (MIL)
*Nelson Liriano (TOR/MIN/KC/COL/PIT/LAD)
*Hector Luna (STL/CLE/TOR/MIA/PHI)
*Ron Woods (DET/NYY/MON)
*Jay Ward (MIN/CIN)
*Paul Foytack (DET/LAA)
*Jim Marshall (BAL/CHC/BOS/SF/NYM/PIT)
*Gene Martin (WSH)
*Warner Madrigal (LAA/TEX/NYY/ARI)
*Luis Martinez (MIL)
*John Miller (NYY/LAD)
*Brook Jacoby (ATL/CLE/OAK)
*George Hinshaw (SD)

Top 15 Most Wanted List
01. 2011 Bowman Chrome Autographs #BCP111 Bryce Harper Autograph

02. 2006 Choice Francisco Cervelli

03a. 2016 BBM Rookie Edition Premium Kinoshita Takuya Auto

03b. 2016 BBM Rookie Edition Premium Kinoshita Takuya Base

03c. 2016 BBM 1st Edition Kinoshita Takuya Base

06. 1994 Upper Deck SP Alex Rodriguez RC

07. 2010 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relic Hiroki Kuroda

08. 2014 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects #CTP-55 Luis Torrens Superfractor (#'d 1/1)

09. 2013 Elite Extra Edition #190 Status Gold Luis Torrens (#'d to 5)

10. 1909-11 T206 Willie Keeler (any back)

11. 2014 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects #TP-55 Luis Torrens White Ice (#'d 1/1)

12. 2014 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects #TP-55 Luis Torrens Black (#'d 1/1)

13. 2014 Leaf Valiant Draft On Fire Red OFLT1 Luis Torrens (#'d 1/1)

14. 2013 Panini Prizm Perennial Draft Picks #37 Luis Torrens Black Infinite Prizms Autograph (#'d 1/1)

15. 2012 Bowman #217 Dellin Betances Orange Refractor Auto #'d out of 25


  1. Have three of the '79's for you . Have the Munson, Tidrow and Johnstone.

    1. Thanks for reaching out Mark. I'd love to trade for those 3.
      What are you looking to get in return? And do you have an email address (although I understand if you'd prefer not to share it)?

  2. Email: Markhoyle913ATyahooDOTcom. Shoot me an email

  3. Shoot me an email with your address so i can send you some cards ! Thedutchcardguy at gmail dot com

  4. Got your note on my blog with interest in: '14 Heritage Bryce Harper, '14 Rolling Stones insert and '14 Topps Future Is Now Bryce Harper Harper insert. You indicated that you have some Sega Giants, not sure what those are but if they feature SF Giants players and I don't have them I am in. I couldn't figure out your email so hopefully this works.

    LMK, Adam (arpsmith)

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  6. Hi - Matthew Scott from Bob Walk the Plank referred me to contact you. He said you might be interested in some red parallels in trade?

    Here's my blog: http://subjectiveandarbitrary.blogspot.com/
    Here's my e-mail: brian dot d dot oneal at gmail dot com

  7. Hi: Nice Blog.. any chance to find out the Card Number of the Kyle Holder (Cotuit Kettleers) card. Thanks

  8. How many Cards in 2015 Staten Island Set ? Team has been jerking me around, on sending mine, I ordered.. was hoping to get them signed in Hudson Valley...

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  12. You collect a lot of guys with Irish names.....


  13. Can you use TTM autographs for Bobby Jones (1984 Topps) and Warner madrigal (2008 Bowman)?